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    Silent Hill 4 - Notatki

     | Oryginalne | Tłumaczenie |

  > I. First Letter.
Why doesn't u Wake up?"

  > II. Book Scrap.
"Through the Ritual of the Holy Assumption, he built a world.
It exists in a space separate from the world of our Lord.
More accurately, it is within, yet without the Lord's world.
Unlike the world of our Lord, it is a world in extreme flux.
Unexpected doors or walls, moving floors, odd creatures, a world only him can
Anyone swallowed up by that world will live there for eternity, undying.
They will haunt that realm as a spirit.
How can our Lord forgive such an abomination...?
(This part of the book is too damaged to read.)
...It is important to travel lightly in that world. He who carries too heavy
a burden will regret it...
(The book is too damaged to read any more.)"

  > III. Jasper's Memo Pad.
"I'm not sure what that nosy guy meant when he said:
"His home is the orphanage
in the middle. The lake is northwest.
So the opposite is southeast."
The nosy guy said one other thing I
don't understand.
"If you bring the dug-up key,
you can't go back.
Put it away somewhere before
you return there."

  > IV. Holy Scripture Pad.
"The Second Sign
And God said,
Offer the Blood of the Ten Sinners
and the White Oil.
Be then release from the bonds of the flesh, and gain the Power of Heaven.
From the Darkness and Void, bring forth Gloom,
and gird thyself with Despair for the Giver of Wisdom.
The Third Sign
And God said,
Return to the Source through sin's Temptation.
Under the Watchful eye of the demon, wander alone in the formless Chaos.
Only then will the Four Atonements
be in alignment."

  > V. Exploration Memo.
"Lucky! I finally escaped from the cell.
I decided to take a careful look around this building.
The scariest place was the 1st floor basement. There's a kitchen in the
northeast, but next door in the northwest is a death chamber.
To get in there, you have to punch in the right numbers. I don't know the
numbers, and it was too dark to even see the panel, so I didn't go in."

  > VI. Guard's Diary.
"To get to the surveillance rooms in the middle of this complex, you have to use
the corpse disposal chutes in the cells.
However, on the 1st and 2nd floors, these cells are locked. That's so the kids
wouldn't discover them.
So you have to get to the 1st floor from one of the cells on the 3rd floor. I
know how to do it, but it's really a pain. Also, the lighs only work on the
2nd floor."

  > VII. Waterwheel Room Plate Message.
"To turn on the lights in the 3rd floor cells, turn this waterwheel. Remember
that the water must flow in the direction of the waterwheel. Of course, you also
have to open the sluice gate on the roof."

  > VIII. Prison Diary.
"We had beef stew yesterday.
In the cafeteria, I heard there's a death chamber behind the kitchen, and they
take meat straight from the dead people and cook it.
That really scared me."

  > IX. 1F Surveillance Room Report.
"This place continues to deteriorate.
The doors to a number of cells no longer open. As a result, the kids inside can
no longer go outside. But the less they now about that, the better.
I can't open the doors, but from this room, I can watch them get more and more
emaciated each day. With no food and never showering themselves, they turn into
smelly little grey slumps in there.
Following the suggestion of an engineer, we've disposed of the corpses by
digging a hole below the cells. Since each floor of this building can be rotated
independently, we can dispose of the bodies without the others noticing by
aligning each cell with a body in it vertically.
I bet you're just dying to see the interrogation room behind the kitchen.
I understand your feelings, but have you noticed?
There are three rooms with bloody beds. One is on the 1st floor, one is on the
2nd floor, and one is on the 3rd floor. If you line those three rooms up, then
it's "bingo."

  > X. 2F Surveillance Room Report.
"To keep a close eye on the kids,
it's important to keep the cells well lit.
The lights on the 3rd floor were
originally bought as searchlights.
As a precaution against a blackout, they were set up to run on a private
generator. There's a hydroelectric generator in the basement. To light up the
1st and 2nd floors, use the corpse disposal chutes.
Since each floor of this building can be rotated, you can light up any of the
cells by matching up the holes.
Repeating this periodically is an effective way to keep the kids fearful and
if you turn the valve in the middle of this room, you can easily rotate the
cells. You can't rotate the 1st floor, so align the 2nd and 3rd floors with the
1st floor cell that have the blood-stained bed.
By the way, if you're using the peephole in this room, it's easy to make sure
you're doing it right. Give it a try.
Also, please don't forget to open the sluice gate on the roof.
Much appreciated, Chief!"

  > XI. Secret Number Memo.
"The Secret Number for getting through the door in back of the kitchen this month
is "0302."
Thanks for your cooperation."

  > XII. Superintendent's Memo.
"(It's stained with blood, and I can't read it...)"

  > XIII. Bartender's Memo.
"The boss said that the number this time is the last 4 digits of this store's
phone number. But the phone number is written right there on the sign on the
roof. Anybody could see it from South Ashfield Street. Is that really okay?"

  > XIV. Mike's Diary.
"The last few months, Joseph, the guy next door to me who gave me that rare porn
magazine, looks like he's been work super hard.
He said if he found another rare one, he'd give it to me but he hasn't shown his
face around much lately.
He said he was a journalist and he is always investigating stuff.
But I think something strange is going on with him. He's been shut in his
apartment and I can hear all these weird noises coming from there.

July 1 -Mike

Oh my beautiful Rachael,
What's with the note on the red paper?
I thought you'd written a note back to me...
But I guess maybe it was somewhere else...
He took it along with my clothes.
Those were my best clothes.

July 2 -Mike"

  > XV. Superintendent's Diary (Umbilical Cord).
"The red box seems even stranger today.
It's giving off a terrible smell.
It's disgusting, but I just can't throw it away.
It must have been around 30 years ago. That young couple was living in the
apartment, but one day they just suddenly disappeared.
Ran off just like thieves in the night.
I don't know why. It must have been money troubles, or maybe they got themselves
into some kind of danger.
The problem came after that. They left their newborn baby when they took off.
I even found the umbilical cord.
I called the ambulance right away and I heard the baby survived, but I don't
know what happened to him.
Although a few years later, I often saw a young kid hanging around the
One day he just stopped coming by.
But now that I think of it, I'll bet he was that abandoned baby.
It's a horrible story.
Abandoning a newborn baby...
That all happened in Room 302...
And the umbilical cord I found there...
Well, I still can't get myself to throw it away."

  > XVI. Mike's Lover Letter.
...love you...always
protect you...ith love,

  > XVII. Nurse's Memo.
"I lost Eileen Galvin's hospital room key.
She was a patient brought in with severe injuries.
I wonder if I left it in one of the other hospital rooms. I really hope not..."

  > XVIII. Kid's Letter.
"Mommy, I'll giv you this so pleez wake up soon.
It's inside my toy train."

  > XIX. Jasper's Burned Memo.
"Something's here but nothing's here.
I feel something from the well.
Something's missing.
It has begun!!!


  > XX. Wheelchair Doll Text.
"Though my body be destroyed,
I will not let you pass here.
To prepare for the Receiver of Wisdom...
I cut my body into five pieces and hid them in the darkness.
When my body is once again whole, the path to below will be opened.
If you are the Receiver of Wisdom, you will understand my words.
The ritual has begun..."

  > XXI. Descent of the Holy Mother - The 21 Sacraments.
"The Descent of the Holy Mother -- The 21 Sacraments"

The First Sign
And God said,
At the time of fullness, cleanse the world with my rage.
Gather forth the White Oil, the Black Cup and the Blood of the Ten Sinners.
Prepare for the Ritual of the Holy Assumption.
The Second Sign
And God said,
Offer the Blood of the Ten Sinners and the White Oil.
Be then release from the bonds of the flesh, and gain the Power of Heaven.
From the Darkness and Void, bring forth Gloom,
and gird thyself with Despair for the Giver of Wisdom.
The Third Sign
And God said,
Return to the Source through sin's Temptation.
Under the Watchful eye of the demon, wander alone in the formless Chaos.
Only then will the Four Atonements be in alignment.
The Last Sign
And God said, separate from the flesh too, she who is the Mother Reborn and he
who is the Receiver of Wisdom.
If this be done, by the Mystery of the 21 Sacraments, the Mother shall be reborn
and the Nation of Sin shall be redeemed."

  > XXII. Note From the Bloody Prisoner's Shirt.
"My room is on the 2nd floor and I had to drink something with black things in
it. I hid the sword with the triangle handle under my bed. That guy, the fat
one, took the basement key. Next time I'll stick this triangle sword into that
pig and take the key."

  > XXIII. Reminisces.
"I want to go back to that time...
Things were so good then...
The day of my birthday...
The cute cat in the pet store...
All those balls in the basket...
Playing pool was fun too...
The door of time was wide open...
When I see four things,
I can't help but remember that time..."

  > XXIV. Later Bartender's Memo.
"The boss said we had to change our phone number 'cause all of the complaints
about the weird noises. Now we have to change the store sign on the roof. What
a pain.
By the way, the number is the last 4 digits of the new phone number. Not too
smart if you ask me..."

  > XXV. Superintendent's Diary (Man With The Coat).
"I had that weird dream today.
The one with the man with the long hair and coat. He was crying and looking for
his mother again.
I saw that man with the coat 10 years ago at this apartment.
He was going up the stairs, carrying a heavy tool, and old-looking bowl and a
bag that was dripping blood.
I never saw him again after that.
But a few days later, the neighbors complained that they heard strange noises
coming from the supposedly empty Room 302.
So I took a look around Room 302 and found signs that someone had been in there,
but nothing odd other than that.
But that's when it all started.
I still hear strange noises coming from the window of Room 302.


  > XXVI. Crimson Tome.
"Crimson Tome"

She who is called the "Holy Mother" be not holy one whit.
The "Descent of the Holy Mother" is naught but the Descent of the Devil.
Those that be called the "21 Sacraments" be not sacramental one whit.
The "21 Sacraments" be naught but the 21 Heresies.
To give birth to a world of wickedness within the blessed realm of our Lord be
blasphemy and the work of the Devil.
If thou would stop the Descent of the Devil, you must bury part of the
Conjurer's mother's flesh within the Conjurer's true body.
Thou must also pierce the Conjurer's flesh with the 8 spears of "Void",
"Darkness", "Gloom", "Despair", "Temptation", "Source", "Watchfulness" and
Do so and the Conjurer's unholy flesh will become that which once it was, by
the grace of our Lord."

  > XXVII. Old Picture Book.
"There once was a baby and a mother who were connected by a magical cord.
But one day the cord was cut, and the mother went to sleep.
The baby was left all alone.
But the baby made lots of friends at Wish House, and everyone was very nice to
The baby was happy.
His friends told him how to wake up his mother.
So the baby went right away to go and wake her up.
But the mother wouldn't wake up.
No matter how he tried, she wouldn't wake up.
Because the one that he was trying to wake up was actually the Devil.
The baby has been deceived.
Poor baby.
The baby cried and cried and cried.
When he thought of the mother, he remembered the feelings of being connected to
her through the magical cord.
Just then, a ray of light came down from the sky.
The light was very warm and made the baby feel good.
When the baby looked into his hand, he saw that the magical cord was lying
With the cord clutched in his hand, the baby went happily to sleep."

  > XXVIII. Red Diary - April 4.
"Lately I've been feeling like my life is in serious danger.
I've been through a lot in my life, but I've never felt this kind of pure,
animal fear.
In case something happens to me, I've decided to write down what I've learned
for whoever you are that's living on the apartment now.
I've been investigating the mass murder that took place 7 years ago in which
10 people were killed in 10 days.
They were killed in a variety of ways, but the one thing they had in common
was that each corpse had the following numbers, in order of their deaths,
carved into them:
01121, 02121, 03121,
04121, 05121, 06121,
07121, 08121, 09121,
10121 ... The name of their killer... it was carved in as well...
His name was...Walter Sullivan.

April 4"

  > XXIX. Red Diary - April 8.
"Although the cult itself is gone, I'm sure the spirit of it is still alive.
There are too many strange things happening in that town.
I'm investigating two people. Or maybe I should say just one. I've just about
discovered what's going on.

April 8"

  > XXX. Red Diary - May 2.
"I figured out the riddle behind the numbers.
"01121" is actually "01/21."
In other words, 1 out of 21.
So Walter was planning to kill 21 people...?
But he never finished the job.
He was convicted for the murders of Billy and Miriam Locane, the 7th and 8th
victims. Afterwards, he commited suicide in his jail cell.
The grisly mass murder of 10 people shocked the world and came to be known as
the "Walter Sullivan Case."
There are two big puzzles here.
The first is: What was the motive for the murders?
The second is: Why did he kill himself before completing his task?
Was he simply insane...?

May 2"

  > XXXI. Red Diary - May 14.
"It was four years ago that they discovered the body with "12/21" carved into it.
Right away I had this terrible feeling and couldn't stop shaking. The victims
had been murdered six months earlier, but Walter had been dead for seven years,
having commited suicide three years before the murder.
The police thinks it's a copycat crime, and are calling it the Sullivan Case
Round Two.
But something about it bothered me...

May 14"

  > XXXII. Red Diary - May 20.
"I picked up the key that Eileen from Room 303 must have dropped.
I thought I'd return it but she wasn't home. I guess I'll give it to the super.

May 20"

  > XXXIII. Red Diary Scrap (Part 1).
"I lost the key to Eileen Galvin's room.
I've gotta find it and bring it back.
Let me think... The last place I saw it was...
(It's ripped here and
I can't read the rest)"

  > XXXIV. Red Diary Scrap (Part 2).
"Oh yeah, I had a really wicked headache that day and just collapsed on the bed.
Maybe if I look near the bed in my room -302's bedroom- I'll find it.
I get headaches every day now.
It's terrible.
What am I going to do?

May 22"

  > XXXV. Red Diary - June 11.
"Walter Sullivan did kill himself.
He died in his prison cell of blood loss after he stabbed himself in the neck
with his spoon.
His body was buried in a cemetery just outside his hometown of Silent Hill in
an unmarked grave.
After that, his name became famous all over the world and it looked like his
string of mass murders was finished at 10 out of 21.
But 3 years later, they found a corpse that had "12/21" carved into it.
The corpse was from 6 months earlier.
In other words, the person was killed two and a half year after Sullivan
commited suicide.
The MO was exactly the same as Sullivan's.
Except for one thing.
All 10 of Sullivan's victims were found with their hearts cut out and their
chest wounds sewn together expertly with thread.
On the other hand, the "12/21" victim still had their heart.
Naturally the police think it's a copy cat and are proceeding on that basis.
But they haven't made any progress and recently discovered victim number 13.
This corpse also had their heart intact.
The police still haven't identified a suspect.
I've got a working hypothesis.
Very few people knew the details of the original crimes and would be able to
copy Sullivan's MO so precisely.
First I'll head to Silent Hill.
To the graveyard near that beautiful little lake.
Maybe I'll find the answer there.

June 11"

  > XXXVI. Red Diary - June 14.
"The weather that day was very strange.
Even though I avoided the earlier storm, there was a thick fog clinging to
Fortunately, that allowed me to avoid being seen and get right to work.
The police are still stubbornly acting as if it's just a copycat case. So I
figured things probably hadn't been touched here.
But I was wrong.
I should have come sooner.
The cemetery was in such bad condition that it was almost sad.
The storm must have raised the sea level. Anyway, that's how it was when I found
Walter Sullivan's grave.
(This diary is too damaged around this point and I can't read anymore.)
I'm still in shock...
There was no body in the grave...
And on top of that, written on the coffin were the number "11/21"...

June 14"

  > XXXVII. Red Diary - July 13.
"I don't think I can protect myself.
He's truly insane.
I can't hold on any longer.
His power can't be measured.
I was so scared today that I sealed off the back of the storage room.
I wonder if Eileen Galvin is okay.
She has no idea what's going on...
But she's in danger nevertheless.

July 13"

  > XXXVIII. Red Diary - July 17.
"A few days after Walter killed himself in his cell, several residents witnessed
a long-hair man with a coat here.
Through his window, Richard Braintree in 207 saw the man moving something heavy
and doing something in Room 302.
Even Sunderland, the superintendent, saw the man with the coat hanging around
Room 302, and confirmed there were signs of someone having been in there.

July 17"

  > XXXIX. Red Diary - July 18.
"My theory is that Walter never died at the prison. It may have been someone else
who commited suicide. Either that, or the person the police arrested was not the
real Walter Sullivan.
I'm in no position to investigate what really happened in the prison, but in any
case, Walter didn't die at the prison.
The man with the coat that showed up here was the real Walter.
7 years ago he did something in that apartment. I'm certain there's a link
between that and the bizarre things that have been happening here. Just a little
bit more and I'll have this whole thing figured out. I may even find that the
real Walter is somewhere nearby.

July 18"

  > XL. Red Diary - July 20.
"You've seen that world as well...
That horrible nightmare.
But if you get sucked into it, it's not just a nightmare. Don't get lost in
there. If you get pulled in, you'll be killed.
But there's still hope.
Maybe this "small key" will guide you.
If you've seen the door with the placard set in it, look on the other side of
the door.
Then keep going down. To the deepest part of him.
And look for the ultimate Truth.

July 20 -Joseph"

  > XLI. Red Diary - July 23.
"I've found something that's extremely effective against the ghosts.
It saved my life.
It was stuck into the huge rock in the woods near the orphanage.
It's a sword blade with a hand-made, triangle-shaped wooden handle that has some
kind of spell written on it.
As a weapon, it's heavy and hard to carry. But somehow it seems to change in
response to the ghost-victim's power.
Strike when the sword is energized!
If you don't reduce their power, your attack will be repelled.
As far as I know, there are only 5 swords in existence with that kind of power.
It's extremely valuable.

July 23"

  > XLII. Red Diary - July 25.
"I've found two mysterious and powerful artifacts that seem to be very effective
for evading the ghost-victims:
the Holy Candle and the Saint Medallion.
Not only are they effective against the ghost-victims in the Other World, they
also seem to prevent them from invading my room. Just light the candle near
where they're coming in and its holy power is activated.
The Saint Medallion seems to repel unholy energy when it's worn (equipped).
I'm starting to gain some hope.

July 25"

  > XLIII. Red Diary - July 28.
"I'm going to summarize everything that I've learned about Walter Sullivan so
He was born right here in Room 302 of "South Ashfield Heights." His parents
abandoned him soon afterwards and disappeared somewhere, leaving the baby alone.
He was discovered and sent to St. Jerome's Hospital.
He was "adopted" by "Wish House," an orphanage in the forest near Silent Hill
that's run by the secret Silent Hill religious cult. When he was six years old,
someone from the cult showed him where he was born.
Since then, he started to believe that Room 302 itself -- in other words, this
room -- was his mother. Every week, he travelled from the orphanage to South
Ashfield Heights, a pretty long trip for a kid his age. Sometimes he took the
subway, and sometimes the bus.
I'm tired.
My headache is already killing me.
I'll write more tomorrow.

July 28"

  > XLIV. Red Diary - July 29.
"Continuing from yesterday, I'm going to summarize everything that I've learned
about Walter Sullivan so far.
Naturally, it was a long way for a kid his age to travel, but he made the trip
every week by subway or bus. Unfortunately, someone else was living in this
apartment and so he couldn't be reunited with his mother (Room 302).
For years, he continued to come here, almost like he was possessed, just to
peek into the apartment. Eventually, the tenants began to complain and treat
him badly when they saw him hanging around. Walter began to fear the tenants
and see them as obstacles preventing him from seeing his mother.
As the years passed and Walter matured, he began to be more and more influenced
by the teachings of the cult. Furthermore, his obsession with his mother and
his feelings of resentment towards the other world became even deeper.
Walter became preoccupied with one particular tract from the cult's "Bible."
"The Descent of the Holy Mother -- The 21 Sacraments"
"By the 21 Sacraments, the Holy Mother shall appear in the countries of the
world and shall bring salvation to the sinful ones."
After Walter left Wish House, he moved to Pleasant River, a town neighboring
Silent Hill. For a while, he lived the life of a normal student, but he was
still filled with bitterness and resentment towards the rest of the world.
Several years later, he launched his plan there. The 21 murders...

July 29"

  > XLV. Red Diary - August 2.
"What's with this room?
It's covered in blood and rust...
This is my room...
But what the hell has hapened to it...?
This room...
Is it really my room...?
It's in terrible shape...
The air is so heavy... My head hurts...
Creepy... It looks like a face.
What the hell am I writing...?

August 2 -Joseph"

  > XLVI. Red Diary - August 3.
"I can't break down the wall.

August 3 - Joseph"

  > XLVII. Red Diary - August 4.
"When the bell rings, Eileen=mother's body, blood.

August 4 - Joseph"

  > XLVIII. Red Diary - August 5.
"The Crimson Tome
"Bury part of the Conjurer's mother's flesh within the true body of the
Part of the flesh=super's room?

August 5 - Joseph"

  > XLIX. Red Diary - August 7.
"No. 1...Ten heart...
No. 2...Ten...
No. 3...Ten hearts...
No. 4...Ten hearts Steve Garl...
No. 5...Ten...
No. 6...Ten heart...
No. 7...Ten hearts Billy Locane
No. 8...Ten hearts Miriam Locane
No. 9...Ten hearts...
No. 10...Ten...
No. 11...Assumption Walter Sullivan
No. 12...Void...
No. 13...Darkness...
No. 14...Gloom...
No. 15...Despair Joseph Schreiber
No. 16...Temptation Cynthia Velasquez
No. 17...Source Jasper Gein
No. 18...Watchfulness Andrew DeSalvo
No. 19...Chaos Richard Braintree
No. 20...Mother Eileen Galvin
No. 21...Wisdom Henry Townshend

August 7"

  > L. Red Diary - ??/??.
"How long has it been since I left this room? I can't tell if it's been days or
But during that time, they've found the body of "14/21."
I've been having hallucinations lately.
I think I'm losing my mind.

(No date written.)"

  > LI. Joseph's Letter.
"He used this place as the locus for the creation of his world. I'm certain he
must have performed the "Ritual of the Holy Assumption" near here.
But I'm not strong enough to stop him anymore...
He locked me up in this room and played with me just like a toy...
My eyes are starting to go blind...
The pain...
I can feel my body starting to die...
But...things are taken care of...
Whoever lives here after me...
You'll be the 21st, the last of the sacrifices...
I leave it up to you...
When the bell tolls,
the ritual begins.
Eileen=mother's body, blood.
Part of the mother's
flesh=super's room.
This is all I've been able
to figure out.
I hope this letter gets to you in time...

Joseph Schreiber"

  > LII. Joseph's Article.
"Teaching Despair: "Wish House"

"Wish House," an orphanage on the outskirts of Silent Hill. But behind it's
alse image is a place where children are kidnapped and brainwashed.
Wish House is managed by the "Silent Hill Smile Support Society," a charity
rganization sometimes called "4S".
It's true that 4S is a well-respected charity that "takes in poor children
ithout homes and raises them with hope."
But at it's heart it is a heathen organization that teaches its own warped
ogma in lieu of good religious values.
Mr. Smith (temp), who lives near "Wish House," had this to say:
"Sometimes at night I can hear their weird prayers and the sounds of [children]
crying. I went there to complain one time, but they ran me right out. Since
then it hasn't changed a bit."
In fact, this reporter was refused admission when he attempted to take
photographs in the facility.
What exactly do the folks at "Wish House" have to hide?
During my investigations I was able to discover, however, a suspicious-looking
round concrete tower which appears to be part of their facilities.
Unfortunately no one was willing to tell us what the tower was used for. But
it seems unlikely that it has anything to do with the business of raising
orphans. It may in fact be a prison or a
secret place of worship.
The cult religion that operates "Wish House" is known by the locals simply as
"The Order."
It's a religion that is deeply interwoven with Silent Hill's history.
But it's worshippers' fervent belief that they are among the elite "chosen
people" has a dark and dangerous side.
I intend to continue my investigation of "Wish House" and the cult behind it.
I've always believed that "telling the whole truth" and showing the children
the true path is our most important duty.

Joseph Schreiber"