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    Silent Hill - Dialogi


[Harry Mason budzi się nagle na ławce kawiarenki. Zauważa idąca w jego

kierunku policjantkę].

Harry: Was I dreaming?
Cybil: How do you feel?
Harry: Like I've been run over by a truck. But I'm all right I guess.
Cybil: Glad to hear it. You from around here? Why don't you tell me 
what happened.
Harry: Wait a second; I'm just a tourist. I came here on vacation. I 
just got here. I don't know what happened. I'd like to find out for 
Have you seen a little girl? Just turned seven last month-Short black 
hair. My daughter.
Cybil: Sorry. The only person I've seen in this town is you.
Harry: Where is everybody?
Cybil: I'd tell you if I knew, believe me. But from what I can tell, 
something bizarre is going on. That's all I know.
Harry: Hmmm.
Cybil: What's your name?
Harry: Harry. Harry Mason.
Cybil: Cybil Bennett. I'm a police officer from Brahms, the next town 
over. The Phone's out and the radio too. I'm going back to call in some 
Harry: Hmpf.

[Harry wstaje i idzie w kierunku drzwi].

Cybil: Hold it!

[Harry zatrzymuje się]

Cybil: Where do you think your going?
Harry: My daughter, I've got to find her!
Cybil: No way, It's dangerous out there.
Harry: In that case I need to find her now; Cheryl's my little girl.

I can't just leave her out there by herself.
Cybil: Have you got a gun?
Harry: Err, No.

[Cybil wyciąga pistolet i wręcza go Harry'emu]

Cybil: Take this, and hope you don't have to use it. Now listen to me. 
Before you pull the trigger, know who your shooting. And don't do it 
unless you have to. And don't go blasting me by mistake. Got It?
Harry: Yeah, Thanks.

[Harry wkłada pistolet do kieszeni]

Cybil: You'll do best to stay nearby. I'll be back as quick as I can.

[Cybil opuszcza kawiarenkę].


[Harry wchodzi do kościoła. Kobieta stojąca na wprost od Hary'ego odwraca się]

Harry: Were you ringing that bell?
Dahlia: I've been expecting you. It was foretold by Gyromancy.
Harry: What are you talking about?
Dahlia: I knew you'd come. You want the girl, right?
Harry: the Girl? You're talking about Cheryl!!?
Dahlia: I see everything.
Harry: You know something? Tell me!
Dahlia: Stay Back! Nothing is to be gained from floundering about at 
random. You must follow the path. The path of the hermit concealed by 
Harry: What? What are you talking about?
Dahlia: Here! The Flauros. A cage of peace. It can break through the 
walls of darkness and counteract the wrath of the Underworld. These 
will help you. Make haste to the Hospital before it is too late.

[Dahlia wychodzi]

Harry: Wait! Don't go yet!


[Harry wchodzi do Examination room. Mężczyzna z przekrwionymi oczyma siedzi
na fotelu, trzymając w ręku pistolet. Na podłodze leżą zwłoki zabitego potwora.
Mężczyzna wstaje aby stawić czoło Harry'emu.]

Harry: Hold it? Stop don't shoot!

[Kaufmann strzela, ale pudłuje.]

Harry: Wait, I'm not here to fight, my name is Harry Mason, I'm in town 
on vacation.

[Kaufmann ochłonął]

Kaufmann: Thank god. Another human being.
Harry: Do you work here?
Kaufmann: I'm Dr. Michael Kaufmann. I work at this hospital.
Harry: So maybe you can tell me what's going on.
Kaufmann: I really can't say. I was taking a nap in the staff room. 
When I woke up it was like this. Everyone seems to have disappeared. 
And it's snowing out. This time of year. Something's gone seriously 
wrong. Did you see those monsters? Have you ever seen such aberrations? 
Ever even heard of such things? You and I both know creatures like that 
don't exist.
Harry: Yeah. Have you seen a little girl anywhere? I'm looking for my 
daughter. She's only seven, short black hair.
Kaufmann: She's missing? I'm sorry. But with all those monsters around, 
I highly doubt she's-

[Harry wzdycha]

Kaufmann: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to alarm you. Your wife, she's here 
with you?
Harry: She died, 4 year ago. Now it's just me and my daughter.
Kaufmann: I see. I'm sorry.

[Kaufmann podnosi walizkę i kieruje się w stronę drzwi.]

Kaufmann: Well, I better be going. Ican't just sit around doing 
Harry: So long, good luck out there.

[Kaufmann wychodzi]


[Harry używa klucza i wchodzi do Examination room. Rozgląda się uważnie po
pokoju. Nagle spod biurka wychodzi młoda kobieta i rzuca się w ramiona Harry'ego.]

Lisa: Finally, someone else whose Ok.
Harry: Who are you?
Lisa: My names Lisa Garland, what's yours?
Harry: Harry Mason.
Lisa: Harry, tell mewhat's happening here, where is everybody? I must 
have gotten knocked out. When I came to, everyone was gone. It's awful.
Harry: So you don't know anything either. Great. I just don't get it. 
It's like this is all some kind of bad dream.
Lisa: Yeah, a living nightmare.
Harry: Let me ask you. Have you seen a little girl around here? Short 
black hair, seven years old?
Lisa: A seven-year-old girl? What, she's your daughter?
Harry: Yes.
Lisa: A seven-year-old girl.
I can't say that I have. I was unconscious all this time. I'm sorry.
Harry: That's all right. Do you know anything about all that weird 
stuff in the basement?
Lisa: No. Why is there something down there? 
Harry: You don't know? Don't you work here?
Lisa: Were under strict orders never to enter the basement storeroom, 
so I really don't know. What did you say was down there?
Harry: Well, It's-

[Harry słyszy odgłos syren i nagle traci przytomność.]

Lisa: What's wrong? Harry....? Harry! Let me help you Harry......


[Harry budzi się w jednym z pomieszczeń normalnego szpitala.]

Harry: Was I dreaming?

[Dahlia Gillespie wchodzi do pomieszczenia].

Dahlia: You were too late.
Harry: It's you!
Dahlia: Yes. Dahlia Gillespie.
Harry: Tell me everything you know. What's going on?
Dahlia: Darkness. The town is being devoured by darkness. Strength must 
overcome petty desire, childish sleep talk! I knew this day would come.
Harry: What are you talking about? I don't understand a word of this!
Dahlia: Believe the evidence of your eyes! The other church in this 
town that is your destination. This is beyond my abilities. Only you 
can stop it now. Have you not seen the crest marked on the ground all 
over town?
Harry: So that's what I saw in the schoolyard. What does it mean?
Dahlia: It is the mark of Samael. Do not let it be completed!

[Dahlia wychodzi z pokoju.]

Harry: hey wait, Stop!


[Harry przesuwa szafkę i odkrywa przejście. Cybil wchodzi do pokoju.]

Harry: What's this.
Cybil: Harry!
Harry: Cybil!
Cybil: I'm glad your OK. I shouldn't have left you. Things are worse 
than I thought. Its nuts.
Harry: What are you doing here, I thought you left town!
Cybil: I saw you go in here, so I followed you. I couldn't get out. All 
the roads out of town are blocked. Cars have completely stopped 
running. And the phones and radios are still out too.
Harry: What about my daughter, did you see her!
Cybil: I did see a girl.
Harry: Was it Cheryl!?
Cybil: I only caught a glimpse of her through the fog. I went after 
her, but she vanished. I don't know about you daughter, but....
Harry: And you just let her go!!! Where was it!
Cybil: On Bachman road, she was heading towards the lake. Now don't get 
excited. It wasn't like she ran off exactly. There was no place for her 
to go. The road has been obliterated.
Harry: What, so then Cheryl...
Cybil: It was like she was walking on thin air..........What about you?
Harry: Yeah, I met this bizarre woman. Her name is Dahlia Gillespie. Do 
you know her?
Cybil: Dahlia Gillespie? No. And?
Harry: She said something about the town being devoured by darkness. 
Gibberish like that. Any idea what it means?
Cybil: Darkness devouring the town? Must be on drugs. They sell em to 
the tourists. The force still can't figure out whose behind it. No 
leads have panned out, and the investigation is stalled.
Harry: What could drug trafficking have to do with all this?
Cybil: Hmmm. I really don't know. But maybe that's the darkness she was 
talking about. That's all I can think of.
Harry: Hmmm.

[Cybil zauważa tajemne przejście.]

Cybil: What's this?
Harry: Just discovered it. Maybe there's something back there.
Cybil: Lets have a look.
Harry: Wait! We don't know what's back there. I better check it out 
Cybil: I'm a cop, I should go.
Harry: No! I'm going!
Cybil: All right. I'll cover you from here. But if anything looks 
fishy, get back here on the double.
Harry: Oh.......Cybil?
Cybil: Yes?
Harry: Do you know anything about, well, some other world? It's like a 
bad dream.
Cybil: What are you talking about?
Harry: I'm not quite sure. I try to make sense o it, but my mind goes 
blank. Everything's dark there, and I hear sirens in the distance. I 
met this nurse, Lisa. It's like I was there, but not really, its all a 
blur, like some kind of Hallucination, you know?
Cybil: I have no idea what your talking about Harry.
Harry: Oh, I was just wondering, never mind.
Cybil: Harry, Your tired.
Harry: Yeah Maybe.

[Harry przechodzi przez odkryte przejście i znajduje ołtarz.]

Harry: What's this? I've never seen anything like this before. Maybe 
this is the other church.

[Kiedy Harry wychodzi, świeca na ołtarzu zaczyna się palić.]

Harry: Huh! What the..........

[Cybil wchodzi do pomieszczenia z ołtarzem. Harry nagle znika.]

Cybil: Harry? Are you OK? Harry...................Harry.


Harry: Where am I?
Lisa: Harry!
Harry: Lisa? Then I'm in the hospital?
Lisa: You were having a bad dream.
Harry: I was? Hey, you don't look too good, are you OK?
Lisa: I'm fine. Nothing you need to worry about.
Harry: Lisa, do you know a woman named Dahlia Gillespie?
Lisa: Oh yeah, that crazy Gillespie lady. She's kind of famous around 
here. She never sees anybody, so I really don't know that much about 
her. But I heard her kid died in a fire and supposedly, she's been 
crazy ever since.
Harry: Well, she says the town is being devoured by the darkness. Do 
you have any idea what she's talking about?
Lisa: The town being devoured by the darkness? Yes, I think I do. 
Before this place was turned into a resort, the townspeople were on the 
quiet side. Everybody followed some kind of queer religion. Weird 
occult stuff. Black magic, that kind of thing.
As young people moved away, people said they were summoned by the gods.
Evidently, things like that used to happen around here all the time. 
Before the resort there really wasn't anything out here.
Everyone was so flipped out...........Got to blame it on something. 
Then a lot of new people came in and everybody clammed up about it.
Harry: A cult.
Lisa: Last time I hear anything about it was gosh, years ago. When 
several people connected with developing the town died in accidents. 
People said it was a curse. Oh, I'm, sorry, I'm rambling. I'll shut up.

[Harry budzi się na środku sklepiku z antykami.]

Harry: Was that another dream? Did I pass out again?


Lisa: Harry!
Harry: Glad your Ok.
Lisa: Thank god you came back. I was scared to be here all alone.
Harry: I'm here now. I was worried too. I'm real happy to see you.
Lisa, Can you tell me how to get to the lake?
Lisa: the Lake? You take Bachman road.
Harry: The roads blocked.
Lisa: Well that's the only road out there.
Harry: Are you sure? There's got to be another way.
Lisa: Wait! I just remembered something!
Harry: What?
Lisa: There's a Waterworks over by my old elementary school. It's been 
abandoned or years. There's an underground tunnel used for inspections 
or something. I remember hearing it runs all the way to the lake.
Harry: Really? Do you think I can get to the lake from there?
Lisa: I've never been down there myself, so I'm not positive. Besides, 
it's all fenced off to keep people out.
Harry: If there's a chance, I've got to try.
Lisa: Harry! Don't go! I don't want to be alone. It's so scary I can't 
stand it!
Harry: How about coming with me? This may not be the safest place in 
the world either. I can't promise anything, but I'll do my best to 
protect you.
Lisa: No. Somehow I feel like I'm not supposed to leave this place. Oh 
Harry, I'm so scared I'm Cold!
Harry: Look, just wait here a little longer. I'll be back as soon as I 
find my daughter.
Lisa: Harry.....


[Kiedy Harry wchodzi do Annie's bar, zauważa Dr.Kaufmann'a, który

właśnie został zaatakowany przez potwora. Harry celuje bardzo
dokładnie i zabija potwora. Kaufmann wstaje i udeża w zwłoki.]

Harry: Are You Okay?
Kaufmann: Yeah, I guess so. But I'm beat. I thought I was a goner 
there. So how'd it go, did you find a way out?
Harry: No. Not yet. How about you?
Kaufmann: Zip. But It's too soon to give up. This Craziness can't go on 
forever. A military rescue squad should be here anytime now. If they 
come through the town, were home free.
Harry: I hope so.
Kaufmann: I better get going. This isn't the time to stand around 
flapping our gums.

[Kaufmann udaje się w kierunku drzwi.]

Harry: Do you know a girl named Alessa?
Kaufmann: No.


[Harry znalazł fiolkę z płynem podobnym do tego, który znalazł w

szpitalu. Kaufmann wchodzi do pomieszczenia.]

Kaufmann: Give me that!
Harry: What is this?

[Kaufmann wyrywa fiolkę z rąk Harry'ego.]

Kaufmann: That's none of your business. Instead of messing with thatm 
how about coming up with a way to0 get out of here. You shouldn't be 
hanging around here goofing off. What do you think your doing? You want 
to get yourself killed, get out of here!
Harry: Okay, Take it easy!
Kaufmann: Unless you want to die, keep your mind on business, Got It?

[Kaufmann opuszcza pomieszczenie.]


[Cybil wchodzi na łódź.]

Cybil: Harry!
Harry: Cybil? How did you get here!
Cybil: I followed the sewer. Were you the one who cut the fence?
Harry: Yeah. I'm glad you made it. I was worried about you.
Cybil: You were worried? Where did you disappear to! Never mind. I want 
to know what's going on. What's with this town?
Harry: This may sound really off the wall, but listen to me. You've got 
to believe me. I've not gone crazy, and I'm not fooling around. At 
first I thought I was losing my mind. But now I know I'm not. It's not 
me. This whole town. It's being invaded by the other world. Worlds of 
someone's nightmarish delusions come to life. Little by little the 
invasion is spreading. Trying to swallow up everything in darkness. I 
think I'm finally beginning to understand what that lady was talking 
Cybil: Harry. Hold on a minute. I don't get it.
Harry: Look, I don't understand it all myself. I guess I can't explain it.
Cybil: Well what's making this happen?
Harry: I don't know that either. But I know Cheryl is "There".
Cybil: "There"?
Harry: Under whoever created this darkness. Cheryl is somewhere and she 
needs my help.
Cybil: Harry, this whole thing has been a major blow to you. You need 
to rest.
Harry: Cybil, I

[Harry'emu przerywa pojawienie się Dahli Gillespie.]

Dahlia: The demon is awakening, spreading those wings!
Harry: Dahlia Gillespie.
Dahlia: Was it not as I said? I see it all now-Yes everything. And with 
the sacrifice, the demon will swallow up the land. I knew this day 
would come. And the task is almost finished. There are only two left. 
To seal this town to the abyss, the mark of Samael. When it's 
completed, all is lost. Even in daytime, darkness will cover the sun. 
The dead will walk and martyrs will burn in the fires of hell. Everyone 
will die!
Harry: So what am I supposed to do; I've got to find Cheryl!
Dahlia: Stop the demon! The demon that is taking that child's form! You 
must stop it before your daughter becomes a sacrifice. Before it is too 
late! Stop it! STOP IT!
Harry: What do I do?
Dahlia: Go to the lighthouse on the lake. And to the center of the 
amusement park. You are the only hope.
Cybil: Look Harry, I really don't know what's going on, but if there's 
a chance we can save your daughter, I'm in. I'll check out the 
amusement park. You go to the lighthouse.
Harry: Cybil...Thanks.

[Cybil wychodzi.]

Dahlia: You will need to use it.
Harry: Use what?
Dahlia: The Flauros! Only with that can you stop it.
Harry: What about Cybil?

[Dahlia wychodzi.]


[Harry używa tajemniczego płynu na Cybil.]

Cybil: Uh. Uhooh. Ureagghahahah!

Harry: Cybil, wake up! Snap out of it. Cybil.
Cybil: Harry, what happened?
Harry: Shush, Don't talk; I'll take care of you.

[Zmiana sceny]

Cybil: Harry? Why did they take your daughter? Why her?
Harry: I don't know myself, but you know, Cheryl isn't my biological 
daughter. I actually haven't told her yet. She probably knows anyway 
though. We found her abandoned by the side of the highway. Nobody knew 
where she came from, and we didn't have any kids of our own. And my 
wife was sick and it didn't look like she was getting any better. So we 
took Cheryl in.
Cybil: So in that case...
Harry: There might be some connection between Cheryl and this town.
Cybil: So what do you do now?
Harry: Cheryl is my daughter. I'll save her no matter what.


[Harry napotyka Alessę.]

Harry: I figured you'd show. Hold it right there! I don't know who you 
are or what you're trying to do. Just one thing. Let Cheryl go, that's 
all I ask.

[Alessa podnosi rękę. Niewidzialna siła spycha Harry'ego do tyłu.]

Harry: What?

[Harry próbuje podbiec do Alessy, ale natrafia na energetyczną blokadę.]

Harry: Damm!

[Zjawia się Dahlia.]

Harry: What is this?

[Flauros zaczyna wylatywać z kieszeni Harry'ego. Wystrzeliwuje z niego

niebieskie światło i trafia Alessę.]

Harry: Where's Cheryl, Give me back my daughter!
Dahlia: We meet at last Alessa!
Alessa: !! 
Harry: Dahlia Gillespie. Where's Cheryl, Where is she!
Dahlia: Alessa, this is the end of your little game.
Alessa: Mama!
Harry: Could she mean?
Dahlia: You've been a ghastly little pest, haven't you Alessa?
I was careless thinking you couldn't escape from our spell. But mommy 
didn't realize how much you'd grown. That's why I couldn't catch you by 
myself. And what a pity, Yes? Now your half Indebted to this MAN for 
his help.
Harry: Hey, what are you talking about!
Dahlia: Alessa, my dear little girl/ I have one thing left I need for 
you to do for me. 
Alessa: No, get away from me.
Dahlia: Bad girl!

[Niebieskie światło okrywa Dahlie i Alesse.]



[Harry budzi się w Examination room.]

Lisa: Harry.
Harry: Lisa, what happened? Where's Alessa and Dahlia?
Lisa: Harry, listen, something you said before has been bothering me. I 
just can't get it out of my head.
Harry: What is it Lisa?
Lisa: So I went to look in the basement. Even though I was as scared as 
hell. Like you said there were these creepy rooms, but nothing really 
unusual down there. But while I was down there, I got this weird 
feeling. Like I've been there before. Like something happened there but 
I can't quite remember it. What was it?
Harry! Help me; I'm so scared I can't take this.
Harry: It's only a temporary thing. You're in shock from when you were 
knocked out. Don't fret about it, you'll remember in a while.
Lisa: No! You don't understand!

[Lisa wybiega z pomieszczenia.]

Harry: Wait! Where do you think your going!


[Harry wychodzi. Lisa, która stoi obok drzwi zatrzymuje go.]

Lisa: Harry.
Harry: Lisa? What's the matter with you!
Lisa: I get it now. Why I'm still alive even though everyone else is 
dead. I'm not the only one who's still walking around. I'm the same as 
them! I just hadn't noticed it before.
Harry: Lisa.
Lisa: Stay by me Harry please! I'm so scared! Help me!
Save me from them Harry. Please. Harry

[Harry cofa się w kierunku drzwi. Lisa zaczyna płakać, a na jej twarzy

pojawia się krew. Harry ucieka i przytrzymuje drzwi, tak aby nie mogła uciec. 
Lisa uderza w drzwi. Po kilku sekundach odgłos walenia w drzwi ustaje.]

Harry: Lisa...


[Czterech ludzi otacza łóżko Aless'y.]

Dahlia: Everything is going according to plan, sheltered in the womb.
Hispanic man: But it's not done yet. Half the soul is lost.
That is why the seed lies dormant.
Man In Lab Coat: And What soul remains captured in that Husk. Is buried 
deep down in the subconscious.
Kaufmann: Are you trying to say it wont work? That wasn't our 
Dahlia: No, No these are just stalling tactics. If we lend a hand we 
will be able to get power. Never fear the promise shall not be broken.
Hispanic Man: But the power we can draw now will be very weak. Almost 
nothing. Unless we get the other half of the soul.
Dahlia: We'll use a magical spell. Sealing the child's pain is sure to 
Man In Lab Coat: But that will take time.


[Dahlia próbuje zaciągnąć gdzieś Alesse. Alessa stawia opór.]

Dahlia: Come, Come along!
Alessa: No. No I don't want to.
Dahlia: Do what mommy tells you now. I just want you to lend me a teeny 
bit of your power, that's all.
Alessa: No! I don't want to do it.
Dahlia: It would make everyone happy, and it's for your own good.
Alessa: No, but mommy I just want to be with you. Just the two of us, 
please understand.
Dahlia: I see. Maybe mommy has been wrong.
Alessa: Mommy?
Dahlia: Why didn't I see this before? There's no reason to wait. Herein 
lies the mother's womb, containing the power to create life. I could 
have done it all myself!
Alessa: Mommy? 


[Dahlia, Alessa i postać na wózku inwalidzkim stoją w centrum pomieszczenia.

Cybil ładuje swój pistolet i mierzy go prosto w Dahlie.]

Dahlia: I was shocked to learn that the Talisman of Metratron was being 
used In spite of the lost soul returning at last, If we waited any 
longer, all would have been for naught. It's all because of that man. 
We must be thankful to him. Even though Alessa has been stopped, his 
little girl has to go, what a pity Ahahahahahahaha!!!
Cybil: Freeze!

[Cybil strzela, ale nabój zostaje zatrzymany przez energetyczną osłonę.]

Cybil: What in the devils name?

[Cybil zostaje unieruchomiona. Harry wchodzi do pomieszczenia.]

Harry: Dahlia!
Dahlia: Well, Well, Well to think you'd make it this far.
Harry: Where's Cheryl, what have you done to her?
Dahlia: What are you talking about? You've seen her many times, 
restored to her former self.
Harry: I'm in no mood for jokes.
Dahlia: Don't you see! She's right there!

[Wskazuje na Alessę.]

Harry: That's absurd!
Dahlia: You are the only one who thinks so.
Harry: Why? Why are you doing this?
Dahlia: It's been a long seven years. For the seven years since that 
terrible day. Alessa has been kept alive suffering a fate worse than 
death. Alessa has been trapped in an endless nightmare from which she 
never awakens. She has been nurtured by that nightmare. Waiting for the 
day to be born. That day has finally come. The time is neigh. Everyone 
will be relieved from pain and suffering. Our salvation is at hand. 
This is the day of reckoning. When all our sorrows will be washed away. 
When we return to the true paradise! My daughter will be the mother of God!

[Postać na wózku inwalidzkim wstaje i przekształca się w "anioła". Słychać

odgłos strzału i Dahlia pada na ziemię. Pojawia się Dr.Kaufmann.]

Kaufmann: Quit screwing around! Return things to how they were before!
Harry: Kaufmann!
Kaufmann: Did I ask for this? Nobody uses me! You wont get away with this...
Dahlia: Your role is over we don't need you anymore. What did you think 
you could accomplish by coming here?
Kaufmann: My, Aren't we getting cocky! Bet you can't see this and keep your cool!

[Kaufmann wyciąga fiolkę, którą Harry znalazł w Motelu.]

Dahlia: Aglaphotis!!! I thought I got rid of that!
Kaufmann: All I had to do was plant it somewhere for you to find; You 
all, Well, It kept you busy. Ha you're easy! And there's more where this came from!
Dahlia: Stop It!

[Kaufmann rzuca fiolką, która trafia w "anioła". Pojawia się postać ogromnego


Harry: Huh? What the!
Kaufmann: What on earth? That's not supposed to!

[Demon wzbija się w powietrze i wyrzuca z siebie energię, która uśmierca Dahlię.]