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Brak nowych postów Silent Hill  Ostatni post: [Spoilery] Syreny
"It's being evaded by the other world. By a world of someone's nightmarish delusions, coming to life."
  Moderator Moderator
80 2142 2016-10-31, 22:50
Amy Blue Rose Ostatni post
Brak nowych postów Silent Hill 2  Ostatni post: Problem z grą SH2
"If you really want to see Mary, you should just die. But you might be going to a different place than Mary, James."
  Moderator Moderator
126 2967 2018-10-01, 02:18
Zaratul Ostatni post
Brak nowych postów Silent Hill 3  Ostatni post: Konfesjonał
"Remember me, and your true self as well, also that which you must become. The one who will lead us to Paradise with blood stained hands."
  Moderator Moderator
74 1365 2018-06-03, 13:46
Sullivan Ostatni post
Brak nowych postów Silent Hill 4: The Room  Ostatni post: 21 Sakramentów, Potwór ...
"He told me to go down... down into the deepest part of him... And to look for the ultimate Truth."
  Moderator Moderator
57 1116 2018-06-03, 20:43
Sullivan Ostatni post
Brak nowych postów Silent Hill: Origins  Ostatni post: [SPOILERY] Butcher
"I can step through that mirror and into their world. This world is just a daydream."
  Moderator Moderator
27 464 2015-07-08, 19:33
pantrupek Ostatni post
Brak nowych postów Silent Hill: Homecoming  Ostatni post: Patche
"They say war is hell, but there are worse things..."
  Moderator Moderator
57 2205 2017-12-28, 00:43
Iskariota Ostatni post
Brak nowych postów Silent Hill: Shattered Memories  Ostatni post: Save profilu Shattered M...
"I don't know you. I can't remember you. Since the car crash, nothing is making sense."
  Moderator Moderator
28 1015 2014-11-19, 00:13
SchabMan Ostatni post
Brak nowych postów Silent Hill: Downpour  Ostatni post: Opinie i wrażenia
"You can't undo anything you've already done, but you can face up to it."
  Moderator Moderator
16 738 2017-09-21, 21:53
2mastersh2 Ostatni post

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